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Learn about the New Earth Energies

to live to your Fullest Potential 

About Us

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and cosmic awakening at the Elders of the New Earth Symposium.

Join us for an immersive exploration into the energies of a new era, where you'll speak to the energies of the upcoming age and share profound wisdom for humanities soul's evolution.
dates to be announced

About the Symposium



This will be transformative experience crafted for seekers, dreamers, and visionaries ready to embrace the next phase of their spiritual evolution. This dynamic event invites you to add your unique truth to what is happening globally.


Here is what will be advertised about this global symposium and you can use as inspiration for your talk:

  • Explore New Earth Energies: Immerse yourself in discussions led by renowned spiritual guides, energy healers, and thought leaders. Discover practical tools and insights to navigate the energies of this new era.

  • Embrace Your Authentic Self: Dive deep into self-discovery sessions designed to help you uncover your true essence. Embrace the fullness of your being and awaken to your highest potential.

  • Expand Your Consciousness: Engage in enlightening discussions and experiences that expand your consciousness. Gain new perspectives on the interconnectedness of the cosmos and Earth's transformative energies.

  • Access New Wisdom: Delve into the mysteries of the soul and access new wisdom to guide your spiritual journey. Learn practices to align with the energies of the evolving world.

What Speakers will Receive

By agreeing to be a Speaker in the Elders of the New Earth, you will:

  • Connect Globally: Engage with a diverse community of like-minded individuals from around the world, creating a supportive network for your business.

  • Ignite Your Purpose: Gain access to the email list of all participants who sign up. These leads will increase your database of clients that want to follow you and who you want to serve as well.

  • Transform Your Business: Each speaker will have a personalized Facebook ad run for 7 days prior to event at no cost to you. You will receive this ad's graphic to use as you please.

Be on the panel with these Speakers


Deadline to enter is January 31st

Looking for 27 Teachers
New Contacts
25-75K people with expanded



Your Purpose in this Container

There are only 3 steps that you need to take once approved to speak:

Prepare a 15-30 Minute Talk

The format for this presentation will include some questioning, but this is where I let you shine with your powerful words, explaining your position on what's happening in this new age.

Create a 3-7 min. Video

No PDF flyer sheets. They are losing their worth. What is driving  a client decide to work with you? Show them your work. Create short session of what you do best and it will be available for free on your day.

Spread the News

You will be receiving social graphics to add to your social feeds and your email newsletters. Cross-market with another business to exchange promoting events. Win-win!

Mary Ladybird
Your Fearless Guide, supporting your passion,
& helping you to be seen in your sovereignty. 

Learn more about who I am and my background here & here.

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Why This Topic Now

My background has been a range of metaphysical modalities, but in each one, I have always taken the lessons and made them my own. I am very in tune with creating the new universe in everything I do. I know I'm not alone. I know others are learning all about the fifth dimension and how it's transforming not only the earth but also human consciousness and conditions. I'm very passionate about this process, and want to open it to the community to speak their unique truth about what is happening in the next phase of earth.


I wanted to do a summit of sorts in 2024, and I knew I wanted to do it differently than what everything is being produced right now. I wanted to create a summit  that was more like a spiritual TED Talk, something education versus showcasing everyone's background and business. The grand idea is to create a in-person conference, however this is the next step in that evolution. Therefore this is a Symposium, a place that allows you to share your wisdom in your unique way.

On 12-12 this year I took a moment to connect in to find out what this symposium was going to be about. I knew it was going to be about the New Earth and what is coming and how to learn about the new wisdom and integrate that into our awakened life. I want to share with you the download that came through for symposium. If it resonates with you I would encourage you to apply to become a speaker.

The elders of the Earth are ready to birth a new way forward from the center of the Earth. The Galactic center is also within, and that is where the birthing begins.

The traveling from other worlds, the elders sing their old songs.

They are wise and strong. 

The elders remember, the power of the dark that is within your heart that gives birth to new light.

Remember there is power in the night.

There is nothing to fear.

The night is just day without light.

You will feel whether this is right.

Now is the time to look deep within.

Where are your roots? Where are they growing?

What is the soil beneath your feet? Is it rich in minerals or dry?

How can you water those roots that grow into your tree in your minds eye?There it lies, within the magic, tend to your roots children of this earth.

Look back to your birth. Yes you may come from different worlds.

You have them in your bones however, you know on some level that this is also your home.

Some of you been here through the centuries.

Whether you’ve been here once or multiple times, this is still going to be your home, so be here.

Yes, you are free to Rome (roam), but be here.

There are lessons you must not fear. There are lessons you cannot escape. That is the plan so as you channel, do not escape.

As you channel what is best for the human race, be here now—do not take its place among the stars just yet.

There are many things that you forget that need to be remembered for healing, for learning, for wisdom, for growth of the soul.

Be here now child of young and old.

Be here now, the story has been told.


Is there any cost involved?

No, there is no cost for you. I am covering all advertising expenses which includes your personalized ad.

Do we get a copy of our presentation
to use for ourselves?

No, this isn't an option this time around but something I will look at in the next event.


Will we receive income from this?

The income that you receive will be people that resonated with your message and would like to hire your services.


What is the deadline for applying?

The deadline is January 31st 2024. This is due to timing to get the media ready for the event.

Have more questions?

Email Me


the elders are waiting...

Step into this amazing, unique opportunity to have your reality, your truth heard & respected. You are the new earth leader. Let's lead people home...

Deadline to enter is January 31st



@2024 Sacred Eyedentity. All Rights Reserved. Before applying please read the Terms & Conditions

This is my business affirmation to raise the vibration of this site and an example of what I would add to the code of your site:

I ask this entity consciousness known as Sacred Eyedentity to come in to be an equal partner in helping me service others and their businesses. Please bring in Loving clients that are ready to expand human consciousness. Please allow them to be healed and to heal. Please activate their businesses in the highest capacity that is for the highest benefit for all. In perfect love and perfect trust, so it is. I now integrate my higher self in assisting these transactions of energy exchange for the higher good. Thank you, thank you, thank you great spirit. Much love and peace to you and those that part take in this process. Om Mani pad me hum.

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