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Join the healers & businesses, 
who trusted me with their dreams.

Ready to start a business more deeply
aligned with your soul?

Or perhaps you are already on the path
of soul work, but know you need to play a



You know you will need support, guidance, and clarity as to how to make it happen as we lean on our supporters. You are making a big leap, and you don’t need to do it alone.


I’m here with over 25 years of experience initiating, expanding, and optimizing businesses based around a spiritual mission to make a powerful and positive impact in the world, while simultaneously fulfilling their creator’s needs and dreams.


 I’m here to guide you in both the inner journey of expansion (i.e., facing your inner fears, limitations, challenges) as well as the foundational structures of building and designing your business.


Over the years running my businesses and helping so many others, I’ve learned how to bridge the world of spirituality, intuition, and brand/web design for amazing results!

What’s unique about me from other designers:

 Coaching you every step along the way 


— Intuitive design for your spiritual, conventional or alternative business

— Coaching and meditations to guide your way

— Affirmations coded into the site that are hidden, yet vibrational there.

— Commitment to helping our customers stay true to themselves

An important shift happens when you know and trust yourself.  You become empowered and release resistance.


Doors open. You align with abundance. 


The same is true for your business.

After all, as an entrepreneur, your business is an extension of you.


This is what fires me up—helping purpose-driven business owners tap into that power and realize success. Because I believe that...

when one of us wins, we all win.

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Cindy chose a custom Soul Aligned Site with Booking feature for her Harmonic Egg Sessions.

A Manifesto—My Big Why

As entrepreneurs, we hold a unique opportunity to reclaim our power, shape our destinies, and inspire positive change in the world. I envision a world that prioritizes humanity over profits, consciousness over corruption, and love over fear.


I firmly believe that one person's success doesn't hinder another's; it fosters more opportunities for success. This alignment with the universe's principles of creation, expansion, and abundance fuels my passion.


My true passion lies in delivering exquisite and strategic design, seamlessly interwoven with holistic well-being concepts. With over two decades of experience in website design, I've organically carved my niche in a compassionate, holistic, and mindful world.


As an intuitive designer and healing practitioner, my primary mission is to create websites for healers and heart-centered businesses, expediting the awakening of those ready to embark on a divine journey and bring peace to our world.





By establishing sacred digital spaces, delving into the core of your purpose, and harmonizing with the guidance that unfolds throughout the web design process, I craft a digital home that mirrors your unique service in the world.


The world needs you to embrace your purpose right now. Let’s embark on this journey together!

my purpose
is to empower healers, change-makers, and those with heart-centered values, fostering collective prosperity.


mary ladybird

thank you universe for connecting us)

Business Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor & Design Expert

I never understood why the desk job became the norm. Despite all of the pressure stay working for the giants, I said f*ck it and dropped out of CORPORATE to life and into my spiritual purpose—a mission to get those who awaken to be seen and together, heal the world.


Look at my soul’s blueprint: I’m a Virgo sun, moon, mercury, mars {yup, powerhouse} + manifesting generator…5/1 challenge solver, thanks to a background in Feng Shui, I know I have lots of water in my Bazi chart. I need more fire so I choose red purples and warm golds for my brand.  *hint, I do this for you when we work together.*


My dichotomies are my strengths; I am an outgoing introvert, analytical creative, and easygoing workacholic. As crazy as that sounds, I believe that uniting the duality is where we can find balance and peace. Design is finding balance between dualites.


I have been a designer for over two decades and truly love what I do. It’s so much more than aesthetics; on a spiritual level, design is about mindfulness, intention, and connection.


I work with loving & kind businesses who are making the world a lighter place. As an INTUITIVE WEBSITE DESIGNER, I love using my designs to uplift. Nothing would make me happier than collaborating with your heart-led business to create a beautiful, strategic website that attracts your dream clients.

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