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Are you looking for a deeper level of healing
that works faster than most modalities?

Discover the power of channeled healings


What is light language?

Light Language is a potent spiritual modality similar to other forms of sound and energy healing. It can be used to raise your vibration, remove any negative energies and even to heal.


It is a form of communication that bypasses human limitations around the meaning of words. Light Language is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. 


At the soul level, Light Language can help us heal emotionally and physically, connect to our innate wisdom, activate dormant gifts and truths, and connect to our purpose.

Benefits of Light Language

Activate DNA and the pineal gland

Increases intuition and connection to Source 

Activates dormant frequency encodements to increase your light

Releases energetic blockages (including genetic and past life)

Connects you to your higher source wisdom

Energetic emotional, physical, mental healing

Relaxation and revelation of your own gifts

Aligns your more fully to the new earth energies


Soul Sounds

Mary channels your sound directly through the Akashic Records and will be received as Light Language. What it does is silence your mind and takes you into the dimension of your original light being. You are not only ascending your frequency by using it but integrating it into your human self. The shifts in consciousness will happen as you use it daily. These are the original sounds of your soul, it is a seed sound of the vibration of you. The frequency of life force energy gets stronger and everything in your unconscious that is not of pure light starts to be released.

With Soul Sounds, not only will you experience the profound resonance of your personalized soul sound, but you'll also receive a comprehensive video guide on how to effectively integrate it into your daily practice. 

This instructional video will lead you through step-by-step techniques to maximize the potency of your soul sound, empowering you to effortlessly incorporate it into your spiritual journey.

By joining our waiting list, you secure your place for the next opportunity to hear your unique vibration.Take the first step towards profound spiritual connection and inner harmony.

 For a short time, get the sound and instruction video for FREE.



The meaning of a channeler is a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person's body or conscious mind. 


In these sessions, I will connect you to dimensional conciseness. You may ask questions and get direct guidance to make better choices to navigate the next steps in your life.


During your private session, I connect personally to your energy grid system as well as your soul or higher self. This gives them direct access to your soul history and current life path.

Benefits of Channeling

Inquire about relationships, physical issues, blockages,

belief systems, goals, soul history, and life purpose and mission.

Energetic emotional, physical, mental healing.

Revelation of your own gifts when the time is right.

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